..... Welcome to LACE 2016



.....First, we must express our appreciation to all members of the Scientific and Organizing Committee and to the institutions and companies whose generous contributions will help to make this meeting a successful and scientifically rewarding event.


.....LACE symposium series was created in 1995 in a small meeting in Santiago, Chile with the purpose of keeping Latin American scientists abreast of the latest advances in technology for microseparations, specifically capillary electrophoresis and microchip technology.


.....The symposium is structured in four days with initial workshop and short-course, followed by plenary lectures and contributed communications, as well as poster sessions, vendor seminars and exposition. Sessions will include proteomics, glycomics, foodomics, metabolomics, genetic analysis, DNA sequencing and separation, miniaturization and microfluidics, bioanalysis, biotechnology, (bio)pharmaceutical analysis, applications, multidimensional separation approaches, hyphenated techniques, mass spectrometry, novel instrumentation, sample treatment, and more.


.....The Scientific and Organizing Committees sincerely hope that all aspects of the conference, the scientific sessions, the discussions, the pre-symposium course, and instrumentation exhibition, will serve their intended purposes to advance the science of electroseparations and to foster scientific contacts.


.....It is our sincere wish that your experience this year in Santiago be both enjoyable and professionally rewarding.



Nora M. Vizioli

Faculty of Pharmacy and


University of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Marina F. M. Tavares

Institute of Chemistry


University of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil

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Fax: +55-11-3815-5579



Emanuel Carrilho

Institute of Chemistry

at Sao Carlos

University of Sao Paulo

Sao Carlos, SP, Brazil

Phone: +55-16-3373-9441




Founder and Emetirus Chair


Norberto A. Guzman

Princeton Biochemicals Inc.

Toxiproteomics Biomarker Lab.

P.O. Box 7102, Princeton,

New Jersey, U.S.A.








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